Internationale Kontakte
Internationale Kontakte

Danny Bracken_Gastkünstler 6_2017

Bild vergrößernRainbow; Quelle: Danny Bracken

Rainbow; Quelle: Danny Bracken

Bild vergrößernSWA_SM; Quelle: Danny Bracken

SWA_SM; Quelle: Danny Bracken

Danny Bracken

born 1983, lives and works in Michigan (US)

• 2005 BA Visual Art, Media Studies, North Park University, Chicago
• 2003 Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, DK

since 2010 exhibitions, performances, residencies and awards in the US.

Artist statement

„For my time in Salzburg I plan on continuing a project that I began developing last year. Employing simple motion, distance, and light sensors in conjunction with a microcontroller and a max/msp application, I began exploring ways to create interactive sound and light installations.

I am interested in developing techniques that allow the work to respond to the space that it exists in, adapting to not only the physical confines but also the ways in which one moves through it.
Utilizing my experience as an installation artist as well as a music composer, my hope is that this work not only expands our definitions of what a sound installation is but challenges also our concepts of what a song can be”

Stand: 29.5.2017, Martina Greil