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Lost and Found

Lost and Found Service in Mirabell Palace

Bild vergrößernMirabell Palace; Quelle: Honorarfreies Pressebild: Stadt Salzburg / J. Killer

Mirabell Palace; Quelle: Honorarfreies Pressebild: Stadt Salzburg / J. Killer

The lost and found Service provides assistance for persons who have lost items. We receive, store (at most 1 year) and return to owner articles lost and found in Salzburg. We keep records of articles lost and found. We inspect articles and telephone or send letters to owners when identification is known. We return articles to owners upon positive identification.

Have you lost something in Salzburg?
If you have lost something please reflect, where it could be lost. If you travel by airplane, railway or public transports try to contact them at first, as they all are obliged to store items for a certain time. You also can contact lost and found service.

Fundamt Salzburg,
Mirabell Palace, Mirabellplatz 4
Groundfloor, entry 3 (well bus connection)
Phone: 00436628072-3580
Email: lostandfound@stadt-salzburg.at

Office hours:
Monday – Thursday 7.30 to 16 h
Friday 7.30 to 13 h 

You can also do a private online research at www.fundamt.gv.at. Or contact service hotline 0900 600 200 (fee € 1,36/min.)

Loss Report:
Some institutions, especially insurance companies, sometimes demand an official loss report to refund something. We can issue this (in german language) on your request.

How to prove the property of lost item?
All lost items can only be returned to the legal owner. The prove of property can be done by

  • presenting invoice of lost item
  • showing a second key of same type (in case of lost key)
  • input of the right code (in case of lost mobile phone)
  • exact description of lost item and exact place and date of loss

Return of lost item:
For collecting the lost item at the lost and found service please submit a proof of identity (passport or the like). Foreign documents are sent to the respective foreign representation in Austria.

Have you found something in Salzburg?
Finders must deliver lost items (excluded items less than € 10,--) to the lost property office at Mirabell Palace.

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