The literary events of the city are dominated by the work of numerous associations, institutions, publishers and authors, who fulfil our lives through 

A central role is played by Literaturhaus Salzburg, which is additionally supported by the work of five Salzburg literature groups (erostepost, Grazer Autorenversammlung / Salzburg, Prolit & Edition Eizenbergerhof, Salzburger Autorengruppe, Salzburg Literaturforum Leselampe / Literaturzeitschrift SALZ).

Literaturhaus, Literaturarchiv, Universitätsbibliothek , Stadtbibliothek, Georg Trakl Forschungs- und Gedenkstätte and Stefan Zweig Centre Salzburg  work on the literary life in Salzburg. The literary festival is held annually and there is a lively poetry-slam-scene coming up.

Stand: 4.7.2019, Verena Braschel