Traditions and Customs have a high priority in the city of Salzburg.

Folk culture stands for the preservation and continuation of customs, as well as for time traditions – Old and New. Our diverse culture in the field of customs is displayed through brass band music, folk songs, folk music, folk dance and choral singing, the local language and the special rituals on special occasions - presented by different traditions and hooting clubs, bands and choirs which function almost exclusively on the basis of volunteer work.

Customs and local ties are values ??that form an indispensable basis for the self-confidence of a nation or a region. Youth is the future. This is also true in popular culture - an ssential part is to promote the necessary training to become consciously aware of folk culture and life. But it is also necessary to build bridges with people from other cultures and roots who have settled with us, and who will thereby provide a valuable addition to life together in the 21st century. 

The culture department supports the activities of folk cultural associations with subsidies, such as grants for costumes, attending events at home and abroad, grants for the reservation of club venues - as well as in the implementation of organizational events and guest appearances.

Stand: 10.3.2014, Karin Schierhuber