Internationale Kontakte
Internationale Kontakte

Ana Kun_artist-in-residence 02_2019

Bild vergrößerndemonstratii 120x100 ink marker acrylic mulberry paper 2017; Quelle: Ana Kun

demonstratii 120x100 ink marker acrylic mulberry paper 2017; Quelle: Ana Kun

Bild vergrößernpro con artist; Quelle: Ana Kun

pro con artist; Quelle: Ana Kun

Ana Kun is a visual artist with a BA in Graphics from the Faculty of Arts and Design and a MA in Creative Writing from the Faculty of Literature and Theology, both in her hometown Timisoara (RO).

„Since 2013, together with Livia Coloji and Razvan Cornici I founded Balamuc, a manifesto-free group working on collaborative projects involving other artists on contemporary social, political and cultural issues. The interest in my own practice also resides with recent social and political movements, especially in the light of the two years ongoing Romanian protests against corruption, and many of my drawings deal with this growing frustration in a empathic, often humorous way.

My last show was about people's private interests while in large gatherings, either protests, meetings or working operations. Recently I started an awareness campaign by creating and distributing a small publication about the soul of the most corrupt Romanian politician to benefit the education of the children in a village near the home town of the said politician, one of the first places ruined by his destructive ambition.

The AIR Salzburg for me is a wonderful opportunity for investigations in the local art scene while keeping a focus on political and social context, by meeting Austrian artists and/or activists and visiting art or alternative spaces, having conversations and, ideally, collaborations or studio visits. Also keeping up with my private practice, the drawings produced in this residency will most likely be viewed in an open studio or be part of a later publication.“

Stand: 9.1.2019, Martina Greil