Internationale Kontakte
Internationale Kontakte

International Cultural and Science Projects

Artistic, scientific and social impulses shape the development of our city. It is the openness to this international and intercultural discourse, which must be preserved and strengthened. Therefore, the development of further cooperation in the international exchange of the city of Salzburg, by financial support of various activities in the fields of art, culture, education and science, is encouraged.
This includes subsidies to individuals and institutions that are continuously or on a project basis, working together with international partners in the exchange programme as well as on initiatives that will see the development cooperation and intercultural awareness intensified.

Within the framework of the artists-in-residence program, the cooperation between twin cities and partners in numerous projects along with individual artists, is encouraged  Moreover, the city of Salzburg grants subsidies to individuals who are dedicated to international cultural exchange or are working in the field of cultural mediation.

The city's scientists-in-residence program gives scientists the opportunity to come and work in Salzburg, but also affords the opportunity for established academic institutions to benefit from this network.

Stand: 22.1.2015, Karin Schierhuber