Internationale Kontakte
Internationale Kontakte

Livia Mateias & Marius Jurca_artists-in-residence 02_2018

Bild vergrößernLivia Mateias_AIR 02_018; Quelle: privat

Livia Mateias_AIR 02_018; Quelle: privat

Bild vergrößernMarius Jurca_AIR 02_018; Quelle: privat

Marius Jurca_AIR 02_018; Quelle: privat

Bild vergrößernMarius Jurca_Identity Pattern (XPlatform); Quelle: privat

Marius Jurca_Identity Pattern (XPlatform); Quelle: privat


born 1986, Salonta, Bihor, Romania
2013 - 2010 - PhD in Visual Arts, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Arts and Design (FAD), RO.
2010 - 2008 - MA in Graphics, matter and concept, West University of Timisoara, FAD, RO.
Since 2014 - Co-founder of artouching studio, Timisoara, RO

Artist Statement:
 „Mesmerized by the beauty of the Universe, I consider art just another way of perceiving reality. Being in direct link to the cosmic infinity, through art, we are able to open ourselves to greater understanding of who we really are and what is our place in the Universe. As forms of expression I work with digital art, painting, objects and installation.“ 

Marius Jurca

born 1984

2014 - 2010 PhD in Visual Arts, Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara
 2010 - 2008 MA in Graphics, Faculty of Arts and Design, West University of Timisoara
 Exhibitions > Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Serbia

Artist Statement:
„I think there are hidden patterns encrypted in our minds, which define each persons identity and which can be visually explored in a specific virtual environment. My artistic experiments, called Identity Patterns, are digital instances of creative randomness, manifested at the psychical level.
For the residence programme, I want to further explore the complexity of psychical random decisions generated by the brain in a new location, new environment and in a new state of mind”

Stand: 13.2.2018, Martina Greil