Internationale Kontakte
Internationale Kontakte

Martirene Alcántara_Gastkünstlerin 8/9_2017

Bild vergrößernAlcantara-Cytherea-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Alcantara-Cytherea-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Bild vergrößernAlcantara-Intueri-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Alcantara-Intueri-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Bild vergrößernAlcantara-Minotaur-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Alcantara-Minotaur-AllRightsReserved.jpg; Quelle: ©Martirene Alcántara

Martirene Alcántara

born in Mexico City, Martirene studied, Architecture and Photography. Since 1990 numerous solo and group exhibitions in USA, Mexico and Europe, and her work has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

She has lived in Mexico, San Francisco, New York and France, and continues traveling extensively throughout the world.

”With a passion for experimentation, I have discovered a whole new world, the world that exist beyond the obvious. My images recreate not an object, but the effect it produces, finding in the whole an intimate form.
My process is not a systematic operation, nor a pre-established procedure. Starts with observation, and using a vocabulary of light, contrast and movement, I obtain the strict transformation of the form into abstraction, creating a personal universe.

But my work is not just about the final image, it is about the process of creation; where exploration amplifies the challenge of this process, and its relationship with myself becomes a development of my own identity, more than just self-expression per se. In this process of creation I aim to find tranquility in my artwork, and at the same time to convey the mystery and profundity within.”

Stand: 31.7.2017, Martina Greil