Theater / Tanz


Dance promotion of the city is focused on contemporary dance.  "Classic" dance as part of the Bühnentradition (stage tradition), plays an important role and is part of the cultural promotion of the city receiving funds from the theatre and music budgets.

In the 80’s, the development of a modern, independent dance scene that made ??the headlines with new forms of communication claims and presentation forms was widely talked about. Dancers and choreographers joined together to form dance collective "operations", from these emerged the later dance companies and initiatives which shape and dominate the dance scene in Salzburg today. One such collective received one of the most prestigious choreography awards in 1986 in Bagnolet and thus proving that modern dance should be firmly anchored in Salzburg

In addition to the ongoing work of the now well-established and internationally recognized dance companies (Editta Braun Company, CieLaroque / Helene  Weinzierl), tanz_house association cooperates with the local dance scene and Tanzimpulse association is very involved in many dance projects and choreography works in Salzburg, with both trainee and professional artists in the city.

In recent years, a vibrant young dance scene has made its name in the field of Hip Hop, which has many different social and artistic facets.
Since its foundation in 1993 in Salzburg, SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance has achieved a special place in the field of dance education.  Its training program is recognized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Education and Culture as a training programme of university character.

“Classic" dance plays a role as part of the Bühnentraditition (platforms tradition) and is supported under the framework of Theatre and Music Promotion of the city of Salzburg.

Stand: 6.3.2014, Karin Schierhuber