Kulturportal der Stadt Salzburg

Eleni Michaelidi_curator-in-residence 12_2018

Seit 2017 bietet das AIR der Stadt Salzburg in Kooperation mit dem Salzburger Kunstverein ein Aufenthaltsstipendium für Kurator*innen an. Das Ziel dieses "Curator-in-Residence" Programmes ist es, kuratorische Forschung und Diskurs in Salzburg zu fördern.

Eleni Michaelidi is a contemporary art historian, editor and curator. She studied art history and archaeology in Athens and Berlin, and holds an MA in media art histories from the Donau University, Krems. Her research interests encompass experimental time-based media, sound art, and the history of the exhibition form. She has worked as senior archivist, coordinator and editor for the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art, and was curatorial advisor for the residency project ‘in athens’ - Austrian Artist Residency, a project by Antonia Rahofer in partnership with Kunstverein Extra, Vienna, and Snehta Residency, Athens. She is currently collaborating on a forthcoming solo exhibition by Markus Krottendorfer and a new project by Anja Ronacher, both of which focus on original artistic research in Athens, and was recently nominated as Curator in Residence at the Salzburger Kunstverein.

The Curator in Residence Program at the Salzburger Kunstverein  presents a great opportunity to deepen my research on Austrian artists. Within this framework, I aim at mapping the local art scene through visits to artists’ studios and exhibition spaces, gaining a broad overview of the scene and establishing new contacts that might lead to future collaborations.

Stand: 6.12.2018, Martina Greil