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artists-in-residence program Salzburg, English

Bild vergrößernStadt:Atelier; Quelle: Honorarfreies Pressebild: Stadt Salzburg / Johannes Killer

Stadt:Atelier; Quelle: Honorarfreies Pressebild: Stadt Salzburg / Johannes Killer

International exchange of guest studios 

The city of Salzburg has been renting a guest studio that is used for the artist exchange program since 1986. The city of Salzburg works closely with public and private institutions in Europe and in the US, where it has established an artist exchange program with selected cities, which is regularly joined by new partners. The program promotes cooperation between culturally-minded and active cities and is based on mutual exchange on equal terms. Specifically this means that the city of Salzburg provides foreign artists with the opportunity to live and work in Salzburg for 1 to 2 months. To this end, the city makes available a live-in studio in the Künstlerhaus. In return, artists from Salzburg have the opportunity to live and work in a studio in the partner cities for an equivalent period of time under the same conditions. The objective of this special cultural promotion is to offer the artists the opportunity to gather new impression and practical experience and to assimilate these into their work. The stay also serves to establish new contacts and to set up a network between the participating artists and cities on this basis.


The program is aimed at artists who mostly live and work in Salzburg. A jury is responsible for the vetting process, which takes place after each application deadline. Interested artists should send an informative application, including CV and information about their artistic activities so far, stating the reason for their application and providing proof of eligibility (perhaps an artistic concept for their stay) as well as samples of their work to the department for culture, education and knowledge of the city of Salzburg.


Dresden, Germany – Grafikwerkstatt Dresden – 1 month
The guest artists from Salzburg live in the Art House Raskolnikoff. The front building accommodates the Raskolnikoff gallery, bar and restaurant, one of oldest art scene establishments in the Neustadt district. The six guest rooms are in the more secluded rear building; you reach it by walking across the small, picturesque courtyard with water feature. The guest artists work in Dresden’s graphics workshop, which was originally set up as the printing workshop “Druckwerkstatt Goetheallee” in 1958 by artists from Dresden. Since 1997 the workshop has been accommodated in the basement of the former Pentacon plant, now the “Technical Collections of the City of Dresden“.

Meran, Italy - 1 month
The town twinning between Salzburg and Meran has seen a lively exchange of artists for 13 years. The exchange itself and the accommodation in the studio are organized in collaboration with the cultural department of the municipality of Meran and the art association Kunst Meran. Kunst Meran, which is housed in the same building as the Sparkasse, is a non-profit art association whose premises are in a listed loggia building owned by Südtiroler Sparkasse AG. The building was renovated and converted into a gallery for contemporary art in 2000 and 2001.
Kunst Meran comprises 500 sqm of exhibition space, a studio flat on the third floor, a cafeteria and a gallery shop on the ground floor as well as an event hall accommodating around 70 People.

Budapest (Hungary) – 1 month
The artist exchange program with Budapest has been running successfully for several years through the Budapest Galéria, a non-profit gallery of Budapest’s city council. The guest studio at Klauzál Tér is centrally located, in the city’s former Jewish quarter. The city center and the bank of the Danube are about 10-15 minutes’ walk away. The guest artists are looked after by an artist from Budapest, which allows them to make contact with the local art scene and the city’s art facilities. At the end of the stay, the Budapest Gáleria expects a work of art.    

Vantaa (Finland) - 1 month  
Gallery Gjutars / artists’ association Vantaa. The artist exchange program with Kuninkaala/Vantaa was set up in 2006. It is a municipality near Helsinki, and about 18 minutes away by public transport (urban railway). The living quarter and workshop is on the top floor of a house in the forest, which also accommodates a gallery and an art lending library on the ground floor. The studio comprises a small living room with kitchenette, a balcony, bathroom and a workroom. Guests can stay there between May and September.

Anderson Center, Red Wing, Minnesota (USA) - 1 month      
The partnership with the Anderson Center in Minnesota started in 2008. The Anderson Center is located approx. 45 minutes south-east of Minneapolis and St. Paul on Highway 61, approx. 8 km outside Red Wing, a community of approx. 18,000 inhabitants. The Anderson Center has been an artists’ colony since 1995. Its aim is to support and develop the region’s artistic heritage through programs and special offers. The establishment offers artists, writers and grant holders working opportunities for two to three weeks at a time. It is also the setting for the exchange program with Salzburg.

Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts, Mt. San Angelo (USA) – 6 weeks
The center was founded in 1971 and is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, approx. 260 km south-west of Washington DC. It is one of the United States’ leading artists’ colonies. The center features living and work studios for writers, visual artists, composers, performers, filmmakers and crossover artists. Exchange artists from Salzburg can stay there for six weeks. Applicants must have a good command of English and be willing to integrate into the artists’ colony. The exchange program with Salzburg was set up in 1993.

Timisoara , West University of Timisoara (UVT) Faculty of Arts and Design (Romania) – 1 month
In 2015 the first stay in Timisoara in cooperation with the West University of Timisoara/Faculty of Arts and Design was advertised. Guests stay in university halls, and a studio is made available on the university campus. Timisoara is located in western Romania; it is the capital of the Timi? district and the historical, economic and cultural center of the Banat region.

Vienna, batolit (Austria) - 6 weeks
batolit is an art space in the 15th district of Vienna, which consists of a residence program and an exhibition space. A stay here is designed to give artists from Salzburg the opportunity to get to know the Vienna art scene and to present work to the Viennese public. Guests have use of a living space and a studio.

The city:studio
The artists-in-residence-program of the city of Salzburg provides visiting exchange artists with a guest studio in the Künstlerhaus building. As part of the program the city closely collaborates with public and private institutions across Europe and the US and organizes regular mutual artist’s exchange programs with selected cities. The Künstlerhaus building is a well-known center for exhibitions of contemporary art, and it also houses the studios of artists from Salzburg. The Stadt:Atelier is on two levels and comprises a fully equipped 70 sqm work and living space. The maximum stay in the Stadt:Atelier is between 1 and 2 months. 

Stand: 25.2.2015, Martina Greil